About Us

Our Story

We are a recently married couple that aim to reshape the medical apparel industry. Gustavo is a professional with years of experience in the Tech industry, and Leilani is a Dentist based in Miami, FL. 

Officially launched in 2019, Dr. Lux store got started with a goal of redesigning lab coats to be unsurpassed in functionality and style.

We want the latest runway trends to inspire our lab coats because we believe no one should settle for anything less. Heavy, rough lab coats without any clue of style takes a toll on us. Like any other profession, it’s extremely crucial to feel confident and expressive every day. We believe in working hard and dressing well.

As a home-based brand, we take pride in our work where every lab coat is made-to-order by local seamstresses. We help our community by keeping our products Made in USA.

We count on you to be proud of your lab coats.

Gustavo and Leilani Kramer